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Sisyphus’ Portfolio

Posted By Josh Dillon


For a designer, creating one’s own portfolio is a nearly sisyphean task. From the very beginning you know that it’s going to be a brutal, teeth pulling experience based primarily on the idea that you’re selling the project to the toughest client ever: yourself.

That same pixel pushing, hex code spewing, idiot font savant that was making the calls on all of those other projects, telling the client why it was the right thing to do, why the approach was best, why this graphic wouldn’t work, why this one would…yeah, that guy.

He’s now the one to which you have to present these digital assets you’ve created. The catch is, the presentation to sell him is ongoing, because he’s sitting on your shoulder the whole time.


If you are that guy (and I am) it’s maddening.

That having been said, things are moving along nicely. The flash site is nearly ready for release and when it is, we’re sure that you’re going to hear about it. In the mean time, here are a few slides from a slideshow on the site.


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