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Posted By Alupa Creative

We would like to officially welcome Jaime Gassmann to the Alupa Creative team. Jaime has recently received her Ph.D. from the University of Kansas in American Studies with an emphasis on the political economy of globalization.

Jaime will be acting as our Director of Operations, providing an excellent resource for troubleshooting some of the finer details of creative project development. She is focused, motivated and sharp as a tack. Because of all of these fantastic attributes we look forward to offering her services and expertise in professional writing and project coordination to our clients.

Welcome Jaime, we’re all a tingle.

- AC

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The calm before the storm

Posted By Alupa Creative

Things have been quiet on the blog, but only because they’ve been busy in the cyberspace office. We have new projects coming, new employees to announce and all kinds of jazz that we’re currently stockpiling for release. Be excited. Be very, very excited. – AC

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LUFL shirt released

Posted By Alupa Creative

Lawrence Ultimate Frisbee Shirt Fall League 2010

This year’s Lawrence Ultimate Summer League shirt went over so well that we decided to make another, slightly different version of the same design for Lawrence Ultimate Fall League, complete with it’s own particular level of inclement weather indication. Fall is a crazy time in Kansas.

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Alupa Downloads featured

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The download section of our site hasn’t been updated recently due to an over-abundance of things to do outside of the realm of shameless self-promotion. However, it seems that the downloads are still kicking up web traffic, via hdw.eweb4.com/, an online desktop download location. Seems that some of the first of our desktop downloads made the list, but a few of our favorites were missing, so we’re scratching our heads.

- AC

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Positionsizer.com Site Launch

Posted By Alupa Creative

We’d like to congratulate PositionSizer.com on their recent site launch. Alupa Creative provided a full range of creative and technological services for PositionSizer, and we’re happy with the final product.

Check out the site here.

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Ultimate Frisbee Shirt Release

Posted By Alupa Creative

Our annual contribution to the Lawrence Ultimate Summer League is ready for print. This year’s shirt provides a safety briefing to summer league participants through a “Back to Safety” campaign based on airline safety pamphlets.

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Light Painting Tutorial

Posted By Alupa Creative

Article by Mike Oliva, Photographer

Over the last couple of years of taking pictures, I’ve always found that light painting is one of those things that is simply just “cool”.  There are so many possibilities with it that you can really experiment and come up with some great ideas and make some great images.

At it’s very basics, light painting photography is using a long exposure to capture some light source over time.  It can be done with a direct drawing with light or using that light to “paint” an object to make it pop in an image.  I’ve written up a brief explanation of what you need and how to get started.

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AC Featured on RefreshStyle.net

Posted By Alupa Creative

Alupa Creative has recently been featured on RefreshStyle.net, a web design gallery. We’re happy to have been included in this group of great sites. Check out and rank listings here.

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What type are you?

Posted By Alupa Creative

Pentagram.com has released a handy instrument that can tell you which type of “Type” category that you fall into. Take the test here.

Through a series of questions, posed by a pseudo-psychiatric video moderator, you can determine if you are the happy go-lucky type, or the down to earth pragmatic type. Think of this as a simplified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator for all of those designers and typophiles out there.

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AC portfolio featured

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The Alupa Creative portfolio is now being featured on DesignerSource.net, an online web design gallery. We’d like to thank them for the addition and the great feedback about the site.


- AC

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