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Post update: starwars uncut

Posted By Alupa Creative

The plans are nearly complete…

This is a follow up to a previous post we had regarding fan-made clips of Star Wars, Ep. IV. {As you may remember} The entire movie was edited down into 15 second clips and then users signed up, and subsequently, recreated their own version of the movie action.

The Star Wars: Uncut trailer has been available for a little while, but things have been pretty busy around the digital office recently, so we’ve had no time to post. Here’s this clip of the trailer. For the full movie (in all it’s glory) you can visit the Star Wars Uncut website.

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featured on 101bestwebsites.com

Posted By Alupa Creative

The Alupa Creative portfolio has again been featured online. The most recent nod comes from 101bestwebsites.com, an online web design gallery focused on design excellence online.

We’re happy to be added to the ranks and look forward to additional feedback from the users over at 101bestwebsites.com.

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facebook-only wallpaper released

Posted By Alupa Creative

To all of our loyal followers on Facebook, these two wallpapers are for you.

Based on a design for one of our clients, we were authorized to use some of the components of the logo building process to put together these Three Little Birds wallpapers. For those users with two monitors, two sizes are available to maximize the size of the flock on your screen.

These wallpapers are exclusively available on our Facebook page, so become a fan and download now.

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AC featured on designfridge.com

Posted By Alupa Creative

The Alupa Creative portfolio has been featured over at designfridge.com, a web design blog featuring an ever-growing list design oriented websites.

We’ve got them bookmarked for design inspiration, as should you.

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Three Little Birds Logo

Posted By Alupa Creative

Alupa Creative has recently completed a logo for the software development company, Three Little Birds. The company is comprised of a small, targeted group of application developers who provide businesses with high end technology solutions.

We’ll keep you posted on their growth as they develop as a company.

You will also be able to find this piece in our portfolio section shortly.

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AC portfolio featured online

Posted By Alupa Creative

Our portfolio site has recently been featured on MakeBetterWebsites.com, an online repository for web design inspiration. After taking a look around the site we were struck by the company our listing is in. Quite the selection of top-notch web designs and approaches. If you’re in the neighborhood and need a shot of design inspiration you should stop by the site.

You can review our listing here.

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Who needs Waldo?

Posted By Alupa Creative

There’s no Waldo to be found in this piece by Joakim Dahlqvist, a European artist focusing on a ‘self-initiated study of superdense cities’ and neo-neo architectural elements and cityscapes, but there are plenty of other tidbits to be found upon closer examination.

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Client wins sweet awards

Posted By Alupa Creative

We’d like to extend a warm congratulations to Chocoveda, a higher state of chocolate,  for their award-winning LA Chocolate Salon showing. The salon is an event that highlights the products of high-end chocolate providers and judges the participants on style, taste and many other categories.

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AC Featured on slideshowpro.net

Posted By Alupa Creative

Because of our integration of slideshowpro for Flash into our portfolio site, we’ve been featured on the slideshowpro.net site under the best user examples of November, 2009. We made it to number two on this month’s list, but we promise to do better in the future. You can take a look at the list here and if you’re interested in seeing how we utilized this handy flash component, then you can visit the portfolio and navigate to the content section of the site.

If you’re a new user visiting from this link then feel free to take a look around and let us know if you have any questions. We’re here to help.

- AC

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A love note to our clients

Posted By Alupa Creative

For the past several months we’ve been working on compiling, editing, designing and programming our new portfolio section. We’re happy to announce that the time for its launch has arrived.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank the people who made all this possible: our clients. It was our loyal, hand picked group of clients who provided Alupa Creative the support and understanding that we needed to grow not only as a company, but also as individual creative service providers.

It was our clients who let us share in their projects, goals and successes. It was our clients who allowed us to be a part of their company, which, in turn, contributed to our own success and well being. Without our clients and their projects this portfolio addition wouldn’t be possible. So, Alupa Creative thanks you from the bottom of our creative hearts.

For all that (and more) we’d like to return the favor. Starting Friday, November 13, 2009 our previous clients, both past and present, will receive a 5% discount on all creative services rendered.

This discount can be applied to online, print, packaging, apparel and graphic design of all types. While our current programming rates will still be in effect the design and creative application of your projects will reflect our thanks, praise and even a little extra elbow grease so that you know (that we know) how lucky we really are.

Thank you for your continued support. We couldn’t have done it without you.

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