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the yin and yang of old west mythologies

Posted By Jaime Gassmann


I love the entire group show “Cowboys & Indians” that just ended at The R&R Gallery in L.A., but the above piece stands out, making a particularly stark statement with deceptively simple symbols.

Someone already bought the 6′x6′ untitled diptych by CW for two grand. Would it be insulting to put such a great piece of art on a shirt? Pretty please? Such art you wear would go like hotcakes, I tell ya. Hotcakes.

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the little dude strikes again

Posted By Jaime Gassmann


Last month, our Alupa Creative logo graced the front page of CSShunt’s design inspiration gallery, and now the little dude in the upper-left corner has struck again.

We are honored to again kick our way into another gallery. Find our logo featured at LogoMoose. The little dude would be ever so grateful if you wanted to rate us five bright, shining stars!

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the little dude in the upper-left corner

Posted By Jaime Gassmann

Brand identity is central everything that we do for our beloved clients. Thus, it is nice to see our logo, the tiny-but-powerful dude attacking his work with Pollock-like gusto, on the front page of CSShunt’s design inspiration gallery.

If he could tear himself away from that furious kick, the Alupa Creative guy would probably give a humble bow.

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fake science: Fakier than you are

Posted By Jaime Gassmann

Nice little image feed from tumblr. All the science you can shake a beaker at, and more!

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both morbid and a tad bit o.c.d.

Posted By Jaime Gassmann

Here at AC we’re in favor of obsessions. A life without passion is a life half-lived.

So huzzah for the dedication of The Bodycounters, who catalog the death counts of most of your favorite flicks following a strict set of self-imposed rules such as, “Dream sequences do NOT count, but flashbacks DO.”

The entries range from informative to richly descriptive. For instance, nouveau cult film Zombie Strippers killed off 43 people and a fly — pretty straightforward. However, the report for the spoof Kung Pow: Enter The Fist chronicles an intriguing hodgepodge of deaths: “43 people, a dog, 2 moths, a big toe, a stomach plug and one French alien UFO.”

Note well the 007 films, which specify how many of James Bond’s love interests get whacked, and also Samuel L. Jackson’s movies, which include a count of the number of times he utters his famed compound curse word.

They count, so you don’t have to … though now you may be inspired to play along at home.

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this is your brain on gehry

Posted By Jaime Gassmann

Three years and 80 million dollars later, the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health is finally finished. Frank Gehry‘s design looks like more of the same from the octogenarian architect, until you consider the purpose of the Las Vegas building. Gehry’s signature unfurling (or perhaps furling, who am I to assume) metal facades and cockeyed Dr. Seussian windows befit a hospital for the study and treatment of wonky noggins. His style matches the project perfectly.

If you would like to geek out more on this fine specimen of a building, see this review in the Los Angeles Times.

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at the Pizza Hut and Taco Bell

Posted By Jaime Gassmann


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This Das Racist song will get in your head and do all sorts of insidious things. Not because it’s bad, but because it makes brilliant use of two of the most crucial creative weapons: repetition and variations on a theme.

In an excellent Village Voice interview, the rap duo decree, “My top five favorite poetic devices of all time are repetition, repetition, repetition, repetition, and repetition.” By merely repeating a word, such as repetition, each iteration takes on renewed intensity and a slightly different meaning. Texts that seek great depth often rely on this mechanism. Shakespeare’s Hamlet, for instance: “To die, to sleep; / To sleep: perchance to dream: ay, there’s the rub; / For in that sleep of death what dreams may come…”

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creativity from an early age

Posted By Jaime Gassmann

Design at its most basic is a study in contrast, chiaroscuro, light and shadow, positive and negative space. And technology, stretching back to the first photo flipbook, has been mobilized in the pursuit of diachronic design — images portraying motion over time.

In other words, something like the most excellent black and white DVDs from Wee See.

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