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Design’s rising status

Posted By Alupa Creative

Here’s a great interview about the changing perceptions of design in today’s economic climate. No longer considered an “extra, unnecessary cost” to clients, this new approach to what design adds or takes away from the saleability of goods and services will hopefully strengthen the presence of good design and remove aspects of less-than-ideal design practices.

It’s interesting to hear this from the Philly AIGA interview since conflicting stories concerning the fall of good design due to crowd-sourcing efforts have been prominent in creative news recently.

The argument against crowd-sourcing is the idea that throwing a project out to the masses for a lower client side cost will yield a lower quality product and generally decrease the value of professional designers by watering down the return results. The argument is heated on both sides of the issue and can be found easily in many locations on the web, so we won’t go into it fully here for sake of our sanity.

It’s good to see people like Michael Bierut talking intelligably about how things are looking up for quality design. It’s a nice contrast to the doom and gloom predictions that we’ll all be out of jobs in the coming years ahead due to stock design service providers.

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