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Ultimate Frisbee Shirt Release

Posted By Alupa Creative

Our annual contribution to the Lawrence Ultimate Summer League is ready for print. This year’s shirt provides a safety briefing to summer league participants through a “Back to Safety” campaign based on airline safety pamphlets.

Alupa Creative has been providing shirts to various Ultimate Frisbee Summer Leagues in one way or another since 2004.

In addition to the shirt, this year’s ultimate frisbee disc has also been completed and is ready to go.

* Editor’s Note *

Thanks to Jon UB for the feedback re: Shirt Cone Number Issue. The cones in the image have been changed from four to the appropriate 8 in both the mock ups above and on the updated shirt design that we gave to the printer. Should be good to go.

Also, here’s the disc, since Noble asked.

Word x2.

- AC

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4 Responses to “Ultimate Frisbee Shirt Release”

  1. Jon UB says:

    Fun shirt, creative idea.
    One comment, generally need 8 cones, not 4.

    Jon UB

  2. Damnit. You are totally right. Thanks for the heads up, Jon.

  3. Noble says:

    Can we see the disc?

  4. If you’re interested in seeing previous disk and ultimate shirt designs, then visit the portfolio in the main navigation. The case study will be of particular interest to most ultimate players. Cheers – AC

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