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Killian’s Commercial Workshop

Posted By Alupa Creative


Killian’s Commercial Workshop is a learning series which focuses on teaching actors everything they need to become successful in the highly competitive world of commercial acting.

The growth of Killian’s Commercial Workshop over the last few years prompted the need for an updated web presence which targets a new, web-savvy clientele. This redesign addresses recent changes in technologies, design trends and Killian’s key demographics.

Alupa Creative has developed a sleek, professional approach for this updated website to reflect Killian’s growing appeal in the commercial acting market. This new visual approach was specifically designed to incorporate ideas of success, professionalism and growth, to further cement KCW’s recent notoriety amongst LA casting directors.

This new site also incorporates alumni successes, comments and feedback to give new and upcoming students an idea of what they can expect when taking the workshop series.

Designed as a part of a large marketing objective, KilliansWorkshop.com acts as the central web location for social networking platforms, YouTube videos and class listings. This strong, easily identifiable web presences will help Killian to develop a strong user base for upcoming business initiatives; to be developed over the course of the next several months.

- AC

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