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Online Project Management

Posted By Alupa Creative


Alupa Creative participates in client side conversations in person, by phone and through use of Basecamp, an online project management tool that has become essential to our expanding business goals.

By signing in to a centralized project management dashboard, our clients can maintain a constant stream of communication for each of their projects.  The Basecamp dashboard offers reminders on project deadlines, task assignments to key project contributors, notification levels for different members and their task sets, and a wide variety of other communication solutions.

Project participants, both internal and external, are kept abreast of the situation through ongoing email notifications and a forum-like environment where project coordinators can contact each member of the team to further direct the course of action for each project.

Basecamp offers a wide variety of communication solutions for all of our clients, regardless of size or project scope. We highly recommend clicking the link above and viewing the Basecamp site for further information about how this great workflow management system can help you.

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