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365 Days of stormtroopers

Posted By Josh Dillon

Storm Trooper 365

The photographer (Stéfan) of this Flickr photo set decided to add one photo a day, 365 days in a row, of Storm Trooper action figures in all kinds of unique situations. Some of funny, others are heartwarming, while others just seem like a couple of action figures, you know, hanging out.

While this idea at first glance seems a little dry and without merit except to the uber Star Wars fan, upon closer examination the action figures really do seem to come to life.

Posed inquisitively when faced with a situation similar to above; hugging each other on the beach as manly, rebel fighting comrades sometimes will do; looking scared when faced with a wookie action figure; all emotions are conveyed without even seeing their faces. You can just tell that they’re thinking “How in the Force did I get into this mess?”

You can see the full photo set (and subscribe for updates) at Stéfan’s feed over on Flickr.

Storm Trooper Guitar Hero

Storm Trooper Toilet Fishing

3Storm Trooper Noodle Torture

Storm Trooper Space Invaders

Storm Troopers Photo Shoot

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