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The art of jason hackenwerth

Posted By Josh Dillon


I first saw the work of Jason Hackenworth when attending the Coachella Music Festival in 2007.

I was standing in a throng of people, waiting in a ridiculously long line for water in 105 degree heat, trying to stay lucid. I was familiar with the fair-like performance artists, the installation pieces and the crazy body-art-laden festival attendees, but I wasn’t quite prepared for walking balloon art, stalking through the crowd on the legs of dancers.


After the festival, I couldn’t stop talking about the experience. I kinda thought it was the best thing there. Including almost all of the music that I had seen. (We missed Rage Against the Machine.)

So here I am, years later, just doing a little web surfing and then: Booyah. There it is. Balloon art by Jason Hackenwerth. You can check out more of his stuff online at his portfolio site. Also, be sure to visit the limited prints section for convenient wall-hanging print-ables.


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