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Edition Populaire

Posted By Josh Dillon



French illustrator and street artist, Dran, has released a new book of images under the title of “100 Jours.” A great read, to be sure.

His illustrations are on the dark side of the street, so be aware prior to purchasing. Fortunately for you, dear reader, we have no aversion to black comedy, in any form. Unfortunately for you, we don’t speak French, so some of the delivery of the illustrations is beyond our linguistical capabilities.


Dran’s own website is a nice combination of experience and presentation.

I was a little disappointed to find that he relies a lot on pop-up windows for image display, but given the nature of the site and the amount of work that went into just the site illustration itself, it seems excusable.

His books can be found at www.editionpopulaire.com, which has a great presentation and a lot of images from his many titles.  His flash site can be found here.

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