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I’m a lebowski, You’re a Lebowski

Posted By Josh Dillon


Rabid fans of the Coen Brother’s cult classic, The Big Lebowski have been gathering all over the US for years now, at a music and cinema festival simply known as “Lebowskifest.”

What the f&k is that, you may ask? Clearly, you’re not a golfer.

This year’s 9th annual Louisville festival has just taken place (July 10 – 11). If you missed it this time around don’t feel bad, you can catch one of the several national events coming to a US region near you. The Louisville event is the first of a dozen or so scheduled gatherings across the continental US over the course of the next few months, so you shouldn’t have a hard time finding a major metropolitan area to grab a few white russians.

In addition to the festivities, you can purchase a signed, definitive Lebowskifest manual from years past on their website. The book looks like it’s going to be great and I can’t wait to take a look. If any of the duders out there pick up a version, let us know if it’s worth writing a series of .97 cent checks…

To celebrate Lebowski season we thought we’d draw your attention to the wide range of Lebowski “Abide-ables” that are located on the organization’s main site. Below you will find a slew of some of our favorite posters; there are so many to choose from that I want to expand the ol’ bowling alley to accommodate, or abide, as the case may be.




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