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the death of analog

Posted By Alupa Creative


On June 12, 2009, US cable stations pulled the plug on analog broadcasting altogether, opting for the more tech-savvy digital broadcasting platform instead. We think that this move by the largest mass media market on the planet effectively ended whatever was left of the once proud and mighty ideology of analog.

RIP analog, we’ll miss your kitschy, yet maddeningly over simplistic way of doing things. We’ll burn a candle for you inside our gutted console TV’s on June 12 every year, promise. We won’t forget you, or the years of “The Price is Right” that you have provided for us.

This new Alupa Creative desktop, ready for download, is dedicated to everyone who actually knows what the graphic itself means. Sure, the people who are in the know won’t be downloading it, but hopefully this memoriam will bring a tear to the eye of those interested in remembering the past for the glorious, idealized technological era that it was.

The future is now. Welcome to it.

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