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Client wins sweet awards

Posted By Alupa Creative

We’d like to extend a warm congratulations to Chocoveda, a higher state of chocolate,  for their award-winning LA Chocolate Salon showing. The salon is an event that highlights the products of high-end chocolate providers and judges the participants on style, taste and many other categories.

In addition to winning first place in the new product award competition, Chocoveda received the following achievements from the judges. Second Place in Most Artistic Designs, Best Flavored Chocolate, Best Presentation / Packaging, and most luxurious chocolate experience. We were lucky enough to get our hands on a batch of these specialty chocolates during the content gathering stage of their project, and we’re here to tell you that they deserve the above awards and more.

We were lucky enough to get to contribute to their project by designing and implementing their website, brand identity and packaging pieces. You can see more about the Chocoveda project in our portfolio section, in the web and identity categories.

Find out more information about Chocoveda, the Herbal Truffle at www.chocoveda.com. As with any client relationship, their success is ours as well, and we thank them for making us look so good.

- AC

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