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Marco Brambilla: Civilization

Posted By Josh Dillon

The following are slides from an elevator installation piece from The Standard Hotel, NYC.

The artist, Marco Brambilla, combined video clips and snippets from a wide variety of movies to make one large scrolling work, which is projected onto a series of glass dividers in the hotel and elevator. The video, entitled “Civilization,” scrolls vertically while individual elements play throughout.




Watching closely, the viewer can pick out individual elements from movies such as “Ghostbusters,” “300,” “Southland Tales,” “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade,” “Gattica,” “The Big Lebowski,” and a hundred other films.

As a film buff I watched the video four of five times and made mental notes trying to name as many of the slices as I could. I think I was about 80%, but there are still a few pieces that I couldn’t quite place. Check it out and see how your cinema knowledge stacks up.

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